Night Classes and 晚上 PG电子官网 at GCU

Night classes at Grand Canyon University (GCU) provide the convenience and flexibility necessary for you to earn your degree in the evenings. GCU offers select bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral evening degree programs that you can take on campus. 晚上 classes are designed for career professionals to study and work with other peers after working hours – one class at a time, one night per week – in a classroom setting so you can gain the most out of your academic journey. Explore all of our available night classes and evening degree programs and start on your path today. For more information on life as an evening degree student, visit our 夜校 page

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晚上 Bachelor’s PG电子官网

Jumpstart your career with a bachelor’s degree from GCU, conveniently earned around your work schedule through night classes. Find the right evening degree for you.

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晚上 Master’s PG电子官网

Expand your knowledge and gain a stronger position in your industry with an evening degree program at the master’s level from GCU. View our master’s degree offerings and find a program that furthers your goals.

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晚上 博士 PG电子官网

Reach the pinnacle of academic achievement with a doctoral degree from GCU. Become an independent researcher by taking night classes and network with many other professionals through our evening degree programs.

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Night Classes for 晚上 Degrees FAQs

Every college has a different setup for night school, but GCU’s night classes are designed with the working professional in mind. Admission requirements for night classes are the same as normal on-campus programs, and GCU classes meet only one night per week and are taken just one course at a time.

Throughout the week, students log into GCU’s online platform to complete assignments and participate in online discussion forums to prepare for the weekly in-person meeting. This maximizes the amount of time you can spend on the subject while still working on graduating on a timely basis. Because the classes meet just one night per week, this allows you more time for work and life outside of school.

The cost of night classes at GCU depends on the program you are taking. There is a cost per credit to consider, and graduate programs often cost more than undergraduate programs.

To help lower these costs, GCU provides generous tuition and scholarships for those in active military duty, active reserve and new high school graduates looking to go into an undergraduate or graduate program. Learn more about GCU’s tuition for online and evening programs.

A cohort is a group of students that take the same courses at the same time. GCU refers to evening students as "cohorts.”

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